Our Companies

Aether dbs is a leading provider of highly engineered modular equipment and systems.  Aether offers its clients full service design/build solutions and skid-mounted modular systems including alternative energy delivery systems, processing systems and environmental air emission and wastewater treatment systems.  Aether’s serves customers in the energy, oil and gas, petrochemical, utility and general industrial markets.

Aether dbs, LLC – Naperville, IL

Industrial Emergency Services, LLC is a leading provider of outsourced, emergency response, prevention and mitigation services to industrial clients.  IES provides highly trained in-plant personnel for industries such as refining, chemical processing and automotive manufacturing.   The Company’s capabilities include firefighting, medical response and confined space rescue as well as ongoing OSHA and best practices-mandated inspection, testing, training and maintenance for fire and safety protection systems and plant personnel.

Industrial Emergency Services, LLC – Baton Rouge, LA

The Focal Point is one of the country’s leading trial strategy, research, and consulting firms.  Its primary focus is working with top-tier attorneys and in-house corporate counsel to develop winning case strategies, test these strategies and create compelling presentations for trial and arbitrations.  Core services include: (i) trial strategy and persuasion theory; (ii) jury research; (iii) trial graphics; (iv) technical trial support; and (v) war room staffing during the trial.

The Focal Point, LLC – Oakland, CA